The Undead Cat

It's Christmas 2058 and John has realized that the world is an even stranger place than he thought it was, and it makes him feel lost. He has caught the attention of the public because of an astronomical curiosity he discovered. Half the people of the United States believe aliens are responsible for it, and to settle the controversy media turns to him for an expert opinion, a challenge he isn't entirely comfortable with.

The Undead Cat is a 30k word science fiction novella with a convoluted plot and a contemplative tone. It's book number eighteen in the Nerdology series and it contains many references to earlier books, most notably The Lone Star and The Two Trees. If you're new to the Nerdology series and want a light introduction, begin with The Baby Trick.

Here are three hard core questions for people who have already read the book:


In what movie did the invisible superhero appear?


What made John decide what candidate to visit?


How long would a Venusian day be if the planet was flipped?