The Toy Robot

In May 2057 Mikko gets a vintage toy robot from his granddad and it marks the beginning of a journey they hadn't expected. Someone back in the day when the toy robot was manufacured was obsessed with mathematical codes.

The Toy Robot is a 60k word science fiction novel and it's book number four in the Nerdology series. It consists of three stories: The Toy Robot, The Ring Thing and The Lost Void. The first is a natural continuation of The Gray Case and The Ring Thing is a sequel to The Key Ring, so it's a good idea to read them before taking on this one.

Here are three hard core questions for people who have already read the book.


Grandpa wonders if M has given Mikko any subtle hints. Has she?


What is the mathematical curiosity hidden in the cheezy poem?


What's the sum of the numbers on Angela's ring?