The Odd Game

The Odd Game is book number nine in the Nerdology series and it continues where the Square Peg ended. Mikko and Sharon leaves India and continues their honeymoon by going to Finland to visit Mikko's grandmother and his uncles and cousins. While he's away the Global Society starts an internal conflict which has the unknowing Mikko at the center of it.

Just like the other books The Odd Game explores human consciousness. The theme this time is political intrigues, and even if the book is a natural continuation of the adventure in the previous books it's relatively self contained, so it should be enjoyable for people who is new to the series.

Here are three hard core questions for people who have already read the book:


Did Truls have anything to do with the manufacturing of the travel token?


What is the name of the container terminal's fictional twin?


Who killed Mister Renard?