The Blue Knight

Monday September 30, 2058 gets to be a very long day for Mikko. Not only because he rises early and goes to bed late, but because he rises early in London and goes to bed late in Washington. The day of the prison inmate he visits in London turns out to be even longer.

The Blue Knight is book number fifteen in the Nerdology series. It's a 20k word hard science fiction short story that has some sprinkles of fantasy. It’s been written in a way that makes it possible to enjoy for readers who haven’t read any of the previous adventures in the series, but it builds on events described in The White Wish, so if you want to have the full story, read that first.

Here are three hard core questions for people who have already read the book:


What Kubrick movie?


Why did Mikko almost give birth to a gerbil?


Do John's four cards have twins behind the wall?