The Baby Trick

Who knew that the tooth fairy hands out wishes to grownups?

The Baby Trick is a modern fairy tale set in Washington D.C. in May 2058. It uses imaginary worlds and time paradoxes to explore the pains of love, cheating and the longing for children. It's book number eleven in the Nerdology series, but it can be read independently of the other books. It's a short story, but less is sometimes more. The book is a good place to start for someone who has never read any of the novels in the Nerdology series and want a small bite to see what they taste like. It’s the cherry on the anthill.

Here are three hard core questions for readers who have already read the book:


Which brilliant number is the short poem associated with?


Which two triangular numbers are April associated with?


Why did the kidnapper say that Mikko had taped himself to a chair?