The Nerdology series belongs in the science fiction genre and is aimed at readers with an appreciation for philosopical ideas and cryptic puzzles.

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In the Crow section we follow the four Jacks on different mind bending adventures, exploring artificial intelligence, time paradoxes, number puzzles and the mystery of consciousness.

It plays out in the years 2056 and 2057,

In the Fox section the Jacks scatter and pursue different goals in different places, but they're still connected to one another and they all work for the Global Society.

It plays out in the years 2057 and 2058 in Washington DC, San Francisco and outer space.

In the Wolf section the brotherhood is extended with a few new members that help them fight destructive forces. It plays out in the years 2058 and 2059, mostly in Washington DC and San Francisco.

If you want a taste of the series without investing more than an hour of reading, try The Baby Trick, it's aimed at the widest possible audience.