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Questions from the Author to the Reader

Questions are more fun than answers.

These are hard core questions for the most interested readers.

The answers are not spelled out directly in the book, so you will have to use your brain to figure them out.



What makes Mikko think that Riverside is a special place?



What is Truls Ivanov's code name?



What made the investigaton coordinators think that the key ring team needed to go to Saint Louis?


Extra questions:

What does the three symbols on the bottom of the cover mean?

Why do the barbeque people want our heros to give them a nerdy wave?

Who made the 702 tags under the two bridges?

If you paint the corner of the swimming pool as a chess board; What chess piece do you find on the tile the golden jewelry case was hidden under?

The Key Ring has two illustrations matching the 702 illustration at the end of the book. Which chemical element are they associated with?