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Questions from the Author to the Reader

Questions are more fun than answers.

These are hard core questions for the most interested readers.

The answers are not spelled out directly in the book.

You will need to use your brain to figure them out.



What three symbols will be on the bottom of the cover of the next book?



Granddad wonders if M has given Mikko any subtle hints. Has she?



Why is the toy robot puzzle creator so obsessed with hexadecimal numbers?



What is the mathematical curiosity hidden in the cheezy poem?



Why did one of the nerds on the island bring a battery powered printer?



Truls kept the ring with the meaningful numbers for himself and gave the ring with the meaningless numbers to his wife. Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to put the meaningful numbers on her ring?



What is the number sequence on Angelas ring?


Bonus question:



Which of the following is closest related to the wooden building blocks?


a. 2 3 9 b. 8 5 6 c. 2 4 1 d. 1 1 1

5 7 7 3 4 9 3 1 3 2 9 4

1 3 7 1 2 7 3 9 7 3 4 9

No contact information so far. I will try to solve that in the future.