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Questions from the author to the reader

Questions are more fun than answers.

These are hard core questions for the most interested readers.

The answers are not spelled out directly in the book, so you will have to use your brain to figure them out.



Which four words are left out on the "Love all, trust a few" door?



Why did Amelia laugh when Dave asked her if she could dance with him?



What's the name of the place with the hairy clock without hands?



The eighteen eleven poem contains several elevens.

How many can you identify?



One of the poems in the book hides a prime number that can be expressed as

k^(p+n)-p^n where k, p and n are all prime numbers. What prime numbers?


Extra questions


What is the burning ball symbol marking the end of the epilog?

What does the three symbols at the bottom of the cover mean?

What does the shield on the door in the church look like?

How long an unbroken sequence of unique primes can you create with the card configuration and method Amelia used with Spock?

No contact information so far. I will try to solve that in the future.