Andreas Boe's site for commenting his writing

Questions from the author to the reader

Questions are more fun than answers.

These are hard core questions for the most interested readers.

The answers are not spelled out directly in the book.

You will need to use your brain to figure them out.



What does the three symbols on the bottom of the cover mean?



What tree is the Jack of Spades referring to in the prolog?



How many milligrams does the gold coins weigh on average?



What's with the numbers on the pocket watch?



Why does Mikko's guest sound rehearsed when he stands in the doorway?


Extra questions for the nerdiest readers:


Doctor Harvey tells Mikko that his brain has been occupied with iambic pentameter. Does he have any proof for this?


Poffo said that he was told that the pocket watch used to belong to some mathematician in Oklahoma. Who could this person have been?


What artist comes to mind when watching the title page painting?

No contact information so far. I will try to solve that in the future.