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The Four Jacks
The Right Left
The Pink Pearl
The Ugly Box
The Fifth Jack
The Baby Trick
The Key Ring
The The Doctor
The Sore Thumb
The Gray Case
The Square Peg
The Toy Robot
The Odd Game

The books in the Nerdology series belong in the science fiction genre, but they flirt with fantasy too.

What makes the books stick out is that they're constantly playing with numbers,

so if you like that, the books are for you.

If you want a light introduction to the series, begin with The Key Ring. It's a short, fast pace defuse the bomb, treasure hunt story. If you aren't impressed by number puzzles, try The Baby Trick. It's a short fairy tale resembling urban fantasy more than science fiction.

The Four Jacks and The Ugly Box needs rewriting and are therefore not available

for sale at the present moment, but it's all for the best.The other books can be bought in Kindle ebook format here.

Plans exist on making them available on paper too, but that will take some time.

No contact information so far. I will try to solve that in the future.